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Each project is unique, and each project requires a different set of services to be successful. Regardless of project size, project type, or construction method, we bring your vision to life. As your advocate, not only do we skillfully guide you and your project through the design process, we keep you engaged during the entire process. Contact us for a courtesy consultation to discuss your project and our process.

VanDeWalle Architects services include:


The first step in the design process is to analyze the project needs. We meet with the client team (usually the project owners or key managers) to discuss and work through specific needs, goals, and essential functions for the project. We dig in and identify the key components that will make your project a success for you and all of your user groups. We take this information and any key decisions and consolidate it into the preliminary project scope and design parameters.

Schematic Design

This is where things start to come together! Our second step is to create preliminary drawings for your project. These initial drawings illustrate how we will implement all of the programming information we gathered together. The Schematic Design drawings establish the starting point of how the building will sit on its site, how the spaces will flow, sets the size of the building, and any key design features.

Design Development

Once the initial Schematic Design drawings are approved, we enhance the drawings with more detail and information. We include information about how the building is put together, what materials are included, how the structural and mechanical systems will function, and ensure the project details all comply with building code and zoning requirements.

Feasibility Studies

We develop the Design Development drawings further and enhanced them with more detail and information. These drawings are utilized for appraisals, projections, and for general contractors to provide an estimate on the construction cost of the project.

Interior Design

Exceptional projects utilize the breadth of skills of an interior designer. Interior designers work with the client team in detail. Together with the client team, they selection flooring, ceiling and wall finishes, specialty lighting and specialty finishes. They can also ensure a cohesive project vision with furnishings, furniture and artwork selections and procurement. Even budget-conscious projects are well-served by entrusting their project to our Interior Designer.


Nothing tells the story of a new project better than high-quality images. Photo-realistic interior and exterior renderings can be developed for each project. These detailed images and videos illustrate the completed project, and can include the neighborhood context of the site. These renderings are invaluable for project marketing or fundraising purposes, as well as to help the client team to visualize the final product.

Construction Documents

Construction Documents consist of a comprehensive and complete set of final drawings. The 2D drawings and written specifications that detail every aspect of the project, including documents from the architectural and engineering teams, as well as any specialty consultants. These detailed documents are utilized by the construction team for project bidding, issuing construction permits, and construction of the building and site.

Professional Engineering

The design of the building is only part of the project. We can assist our client team in procuring full structural, civil, mechanical and electrical engineering services. The client team meets directly with our engineers to discuss and evaluate their options to best meet and serve their project needs.

Construction Contract Administration

The completion of a building is likely going to be one of the biggest and most financially-intensive projects your business or organization completes. It can be complicated and there is a lot to know and understand. Thankfully, you do not have to do it alone. We not only design a project, but we also protect the client as their advocate throughout the entire construction process.

To assure a successful project, we verify the work being performed is in compliance with the construction documents and meets the client and project standards. These services can include contract development between the client and their general contractor (to make sure the client’s interests are protected), construction site visits and detailed reports (reporting the progress of construction, as well as documenting any inconsistencies or issues), general contractor pay application review (ensuring clients only pay for what has been completed), and project close out services (confirming all construction details are successfully completed and ensuring the client is ready to move into their new space).

Project Delivery Options

Each client and project is unique, and requires a delivery process that is appropriate for that particular project to be successful. Not only does VanDeWalle Architects have extensive experience in multiple delivery options, including Design-Bid-Build, Design-Build, Construction Management at Risk, and Multi-Prime, we have existing relationships with an extensive list of regional contractors for a variety of project types. We can guide and assist clients in the best delivery option for their project.

Brad Dietzenbach and the team at VanDeWalle Architects are a pleasure to work with. They provide a thoughtful, integrative approach to design while keeping client priorities such as budget and schedule in mind. We’ve used VanDeWalle almost exclusively over the last eight years for a variety of design needs across multiple states. They’ve become a one-stop shop for us and come with our highest recommendation.

Benjamin W. Ide, Director of Development