Hockey Headquarters
Hockey Headquarters
Sioux Falls, SD

The 9,500 SF building was designed to house a decades old Sioux Falls business that needed more space, while providing additional space for a future tenant. A combination of EIFS and brick on the exterior façade was utilized to provide a distinct look in the Sanford sports complex, while still fitting in with the overall theme. The transom windows allow for natural light at the sales floor without reducing the display space for merchandise. The entire building utilizes LED lighting to cut down on energy consumption. The use of EIFS on the building also added a layer of continuous insulation at the exterior of the building to minimize thermal bridging and reducing heating/cooling energy usage. The large hockey stick on the building was added at the request of ownership to create a “destination” feeling for the building.

Building Relationships Through Design
212 S. Phillips Ave, Suite 200
Sioux Falls, SD 57104-6320
phone: (605) 339.4411