Duluth Trading Company
Sioux Falls, SD

The Foundry Building is now the home of The Duluth Trading Company. Aligning with the brands business values of revitalizing downtown buildings; they took up residence in The Foundry Building. By replacing and repairing existing hardwood flooring as well as highlighting the existing brick structure and exposed heavy wood frame members throughout maintains the original industrial warehouse esthetics. By focusing on these aspects they are able to fit into the downtown landscape, while still standing out as their own unique brand. Duluth Trading Company provides space to purchase their merchandise on the main floor, as well as ample room for storage and employee spaces in the basement level.

Building Relationships Through Design
212 S. Phillips Ave, Suite 200
Sioux Falls, SD 57104-6320
phone: (605) 339.4411
e: info@vandewallearchitects.com